About Candy Service

Candy Service team was formed since 2012 and we aim to find the most comfortable way to solve client’ I.T. problem. We provide candy sweet I.T. Solution to different industry, like Logistic, Marketing, Retail etc...

We are a team of experience developers and designer. Our project include POS system, Marketing campaign, Mobile Application and UX/UI Design.

All our project not only solve the I.T problem but enhance the user experience to their working flow, generate readable, understandable reports with technology.







Our Services

POS solution

We provide wide-function POS system for SMEs, fulfil different needs of wide-range companies, in payment kiosks, stock management, products description, advanced payment, etc...
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Marketing Campaign & CRM

We hold and create digital marketing campaign for your new products launch, provide traffic logging, customer data base and feedback during the campaign
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Web & Mobile Application

We create and maintain trailer made online store in web base and smart phone app for different industries, connecting the company, customer and courier, with comfortable user interface.
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UX/UI Design

We create unique, user-friendly web and app design to make your products and service easier to be explored

Contact us via 『hello@candyservice.net』